This is Sia
383 hosts are offering 4.0 PB of storage.
Coordinated by a blockchain.
Open Source
Nodes of the storage network run the Sia daemon, which is maintained by the Sia Foundation.
Hosts put up cryptocurrency collateral for the data they secure.
Clients split up data over 30 hosts using Reed-Solomon codes so that any 10 hosts are enough to reconstruct a file.
Fast and encrypted
Blockchain only for high-level bookkeeping. Data transfers are off-chain with the help of payment channels.
Clients encrypt everything by default.
You are invited to give Sia a spin!
Familiar with Docker? Our single-use Docker image contains a tiny amount of siacoin, so you can run your own demo upload and download for free.
Community project by jav#3079
Not affiliated with Sia or the Sia Foundation
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